European Location | 7 days/ 6 nights


OCTOBER 14-20, 2024


Join us on a 7-day/ 6-night experience that will support you in clearing old patterns, programs and habits while stepping into a new elevated and upgraded version of yourself & chapter in your life



True revolution begins with an inner evolution. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

This is the Awakening 2.0; a retreat carefully curated to upgrade your body, mind and spirit with the support of grandmother medicine, kambo, hape, yoga, breathwork, ancient rituals, movement, mindset coaching, integration and more.

Experience “Inner Alchemy,” a profound cellular alignment that creates a rippling effect in your present and future life experience. 

You will be guided by retreat facilitators Bianca & Jose, who have been devoted to the uplifting of human consciousness for the last ten plus years, offering their transformational retreats around the world.

our location

European Location

Nestled in the compassionate arms of mother nature, our retreat centre of choice is a sanctuary for the soul,  honoring the elements and plateau’s flora and fauna. The centre’s commitment to sustainability drives conscious choices in energy usage, water consumption, and food sourcing, ensuring a minimal footprint on the beautiful nature surroundings.


At the end of the seven days, you will have a deeper understanding of your unconscious patterns, habits and beliefs while having the tools to continue your journey to Mastery.  If you have ever wondered what it takes to make meaningful, lasting changes in your life… Stop wondering and show up to do the work since only you can do the work!


Located in our private location, at an altitude of 1300 meters, our retreat takes place amidst the stunning beauty of pine and cedar forests. The tranquil surroundings offer a perfect blend of seclusion and accessibility. As we get closer to the retreat start date, we’ll arrange a shuttle service for guests at an extra charge.


We are moving through a massive shift in consciousness on the planet; and you are an essential part of this movement! It is T H E   T I M E – no more playing small or pretending like the voice echoing within your inner realms doesn’t matter; it does and it is essential to listen, now more than ever. We are all remembering our true purpose for being alive and it takes all of us to unite in this mission of awakening so we can steward a new earth together.


The moment to create a NEW EARTH is NOW!


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7 days / 6 nights accommodation

Healthy plant-based meals

Yoga & Meditation

Ancient Medicines


Grandmother Medicine



Cacao Ceremony

Cold Water Therapy

Conscious Breath-work

Sound Journey



Ceremonies and more…

A word from our past guests

Meet YOur Guides

Jose Reynoso
Entheogenic Facilitator, Breathwork Guide, Transformational Coach

My path started at an early age when I had a desire for self-knowledge and exploration of conscience. I have dedicated myself to travel through remote parts of the planet to learn and integrate ancestral practices with which I have been able to heal and remember my authentic being. My passion is to select those practices and medicines that open and awaken all our ancient memories to be able to continue in this process of healing and illumination. The greatest gift that life has given me is to be able to share these teachings and medicines so that you too can live your life with total freedom and happiness. In my sessions and retreats, you will be able to experience a variety of techniques such as meditation, movement, diets, breathing, and cold water therapy. This creates a context for Sacred Ancestral Medicine ceremonies that open planes of consciousness to heal, remember and evolve.

Bianca Kempe
Yoga, Meditation, Heart Connection, Ritual Arts, Music

A great teacher once told me: “Life is an 18-inch journey, from the head to the heart” – this is the journey I am on and I have never felt more Alive. Feeling unfulfilled working in the finance industry lead to several years living and studying in Asia, the beginning of my transformation. I was determined to better understand Humanity- What is our Purpose? How is Humanity going to evolve? I have since been on an exciting adventure immersing myself in the study of Yoga, Vedanta and plant medicine. I am forever grateful for the amazing teachers and beings in my life who have passed down existential knowledge including Sri Dharma Mittra, Guru Singh, Sivananda, Pi Villaraza, and Jani Jaatinen. I am committed to BE a true expression of my heart, to approach and experience everything I do with totality, giving 100% of my Self to the moment. I currently run a retreat company, Samadhi Journeys, with my loving partner, Jose and am the founder of the Mystery School of the Rose,  mystery school of ancient Egyptian temple practices.

Luna paz

Special Guests | Earth Whisperer | Assistant

Paz Luna is from the Canary Islands, although she considers herself a world walker. She has dedicated 17 years of study, development and experiential experimentation of The Law of Time and of the 13 Moon synchronous, a new type of conception of time that has its origins in the calendars (Tzolkin) used by the Mayans. She has dedicated her life to the deepening of consciousness, living, studying and working with plant medicines, food, earth alchemy, sound, and other therapies as avenues for this work. She has been assisting Jose and Bianca in their work at retreats for five years! 

6 DAILY SCHEDULE (7 days/6 nights)

available upon request

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