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April 17-23, 2024

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Wake up to life & begin to walk your path, live the destiny you were born to live.

This is an invitation for those willing to discover themselves more deeply, to partake in a unique transformative experience as we explore the landscapes of our consciousness.

This is a 7 day and 6 night immersion of deep transformation and will take place in the magical Diamante Valley in the south pacific of Costa Rica. This experience will allow you to free yourself from emotional traumas, release toxins and genetic coding, and offers an experience of inner bliss and peacefulness. It is time to gather once more to heal, play, expand and most importantly have fun!

We will be working with several powerful tools to support our process and journey back ‘home’, back to our hearts and truest being – including two ceremonies with grandmother plant medicine, cleansing with Kambo and a healthy plant-based diet, daily yoga, breath and meditation, sound journeys, mind-set and heart-set coaching, immersion in beautiful nature and much much more! Our mission is to hold you in a safe space for your transformational experiences and support you in translating the vibrational shift into lasting changes in your life. Welcome Home.

our location


The retreat centre is nestled in the heart of one of the most beautiful valleys in the world, the Diamante Valley. The venue is called HOME Farm; perfectly fitting to our theme of returning back HOME to ourselves through this 7-day immersion. The land fosters harmony and sacredness of nature while encouraging connection with self,
others and mother nature.

COMING HOME 3-Part Process

This is an Initiation, a process curated by Samadhi Journeys to support you in stepping into and embodying the next level of your potential- body, mind and spirit. The process opens the way for you to heal, explore new depths of your consciousness, and feel empowered to truly live the life of your dreams. 


The journey begins with a purification of our inner and outer temple- body, mind and spirit. We will work with tools including kambo, sananga, hapé, breathwork, cold plunges, yoga, movement and energy work to let go of, cleanse and empty ourselves of all that which no longer serves us including toxins, beliefs, emotions and physical pains.



After our purification, we work with various tools to create and shift into higher states of consciousness. In this part of the process, we will be working with Ayahuasca and mindset training to shift ourselves into a higher vibration and embody a new reality, a new you! On the full moon, we will gather in an ancient ritual to continue the work of self-exploration and discovery.



What is your dream? What would your life look like living to your highest potential? In this part of the process, we hack reality to align our body, mind & spirit with the experience of expansion and infinite possibility that was lived during the awakening step of the process. Various tools will be used to integrate and embody the new YOU, including yogic technologies, a rebirthing ceremony using the ancient ways of Native Americans and Toltecs (sweat lodge or temazcal) an ayahuasca ceremony, cacao ceremony, music and mindset and integration workshops to bridge the new you with the world you will be stepping in to post the retreat. This is not just a 7-day experience, this is an initiation and preparation to fully embody and live the life of your dreams; the life that has always been waiting for you!

take the next step of your new life

Join us in this powerful and awakening retreat in the beautiful Costa Rica. Experience a 7 day and 6 night journey to the heart. This retreat has been carefully curated to allow you to explore new depths into your consciousness and allow deep healing so you can make space for new beginnings in your life.

After many years of hosting retreats, our guests have referred to our retreats as “Spiritual Bootcamps”. Every morning we begin with a ‘morning routine’ to prime our body, mind and spirit for the day ahead. Days are balanced between activities, teachings and sharing, ceremony, and ample time to rest, read, journal, explore the beautiful natural surroundings and integrate. Most days will end with a sharing circle and relaxing experience such as a sound journey or yoga nidra to integrate the days’ experience.

All food and meals are locally-sourced, plant-based, made with organic ingredients and high-vibrational to support your process of transformation and allow for gentle detoxification of the body. WE ARE SO BLESSED!

We are here to hold your hand as you take this big step into your new life, the one that is waiting to be discovered by you.


After many years and trips through countries in Latin America and Asia we have decided to bring the teachings of deep healing to modern people. It is a unique experience to adjust all aspects of our life. The moment to remember who we are, what we are and why we are here is now!


Immersion in Pristine Nature



Music, Dance & FUN


7 days / 6 nights accommodation

2-3 organic plant-based meals/ day

2 Gradmother Ceremonies

1 Kambo



Crazy Fruit Feasting

Daily Yoga

Daily Meditation Practice

Waterfall and Nature

Conscious Breath-work

Cacao Ceremony

Nature Walks

Cultural Experiences

Integration Workshops

Ceremonies and more…

Meet Our Guides

Jose Reynoso
Entheogenic Facilitator, cold water therapy & breathing, plant-based alchemist.

My path started at an early age when I had a desire for self-knowledge and exploration of conscience. I have dedicated myself to travel through remote parts of the planet to learn and integrate ancestral practices with which I have been able to heal and remember my authentic being. My passion is to select those practices and medicines that open and awaken all our ancient memories to be able to continue in this process of healing and illumination. The greatest gift that life has given me is to be able to share these teachings and medicines so that you too can live your life with total freedom and happiness. In my sessions and retreats, you will be able to experience a variety of techniques such as meditation, movement, diets, breathing, and cold water therapy. This creates a context for Sacred Ancestral Medicine ceremonies that open planes of consciousness to heal, remember and evolve.

Bianca Kempe

A great teacher once told me: “Life is an 18-inch journey, from the head to the heart” – this is the journey I am on and I have never felt more Alive. Feeling unfulfilled working in the finance industry lead to several years living and studying in Asia, the beginning of my transformation. I was determined to better understand Humanity- What is our Purpose? How is Humanity going to evolve? I have since been on an exciting adventure immersing myself in the study of Yoga, Vedanta and plant medicine. I am forever grateful for the amazing teachers and beings in my life who have passed down existential knowledge including Sri Dharma Mittra, Guru Singh, Sivananda, Pi Villaraza, and Jani Jaatinen. I am committed to BE a true expression of my heart, to approach and experience everything I do with totality, giving 100% of my Self to the moment. I currently run a retreat company, Samadhi Journeys, with my loving partner, Mango Joe. I also run a Vancouver based social enterprise called Doze City, an organization that brings together the community in various community service events